This week, the work goes to some optimization of the demosaic core, and some analysis to be done.

The Removal of RAM

Previously, I had mentioned in my previous blog that, to use RAM to delay the signal, when it is extremely large cycle to be delayed with. My supervisor pointed me out about the problem. RAM is an expensive component to be used. It is always better not to use it if not necessary. The usage of RAM to delay the signal is a total waste, because alternative can still be done to maintain the same functionality.

The demosaic core that had been designed, does not necessary need to generate the dataValid output signal, it can be generated from the timing core itself, so that the timing core would handle everything about timing. And the demosaic core is focused on the demosaic only. This is a good idea in managing the image processing core too! The end result of such implementation reduces the RAM usage, and only adding a few logic resource in the timing core.

Documenting the Core

After all the optimization that had been done, I tested everything out, in both FPGA and Icarus simulator. And done, they were working fine, I had successfully designed a core that had been working properly, and even uses much lesser resource than the commercial one. This gives me a remarkable experience for my first chip design! Neverthekess, I had documented the necessary things that I think to be important with, together with the calculations and etc.

I agreed that what my supervisor told me on previously, where I am not very convinced with. An engineer should be aware of what he/she is doing, not just doing trials and errors. The chip design process brought this experience to me, where I did not practice trials and error method, but doing the right thing at the first time. It is always not too late to turn over and correct yourself when you found it.

The End of Internship

After few months of internship in AESTE, it comes into an end. I could say that the internship was very fruitful, where I learnt many things in different aspects. Throughout the internship, I realized that time is always not enough, it is depends on how the person going to manage it, and to force himself/herself to complete the task.

Besides, I really appreciate the patience and tolerance that my supervisor gave it to me. He really taught me a lot, in every aspects. People come and go, I had seen so much of the interns coming and going, and I think this is the time for me to say thank you and good bye too. Wishing everyone the best in their future. 😃 😃 😃


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