This week involved working on a mixture of not-too-big issues and features. The more substantial points I worked on includes:

Access to Video Submission

As I worked along displaying the video submission along with the marking sheet, some issues were revealed. The use of a YouTube video embed plugin limited us as responsive sizing wasn’t possible, neither was supporting videos from other non-YouTube platforms. Hence, after discussion, we decided to work with our initial method of displaying a plain marking sheet, with access to the video via a long press. This has the advantage of the design being applicable to both live and online events, the code will be more maintainable this way.

Draft Autosave

Currently, all information is lost when a judge closes a marking sheet without submitting. This week, I implemented an autosave feature, by creating a local document, supported by PouchDB, to save the state of the judge’s marking sheet per performance. Through this process, I learnt more about asynchronous operations and the pattern of dealing with such code using .then() and .catch().

Next week, I’ll be tying up loose ends and fixing some unresolved issues – for example, the current code is unable to link to the YouTube video on a Safari browser. In addition, I’ll be making a screencast to allow the target audience (who may not be as comfortable with technology) to better understand the workings of our app.

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