My main task for this internship will be to migrate an existing web application from Vue2 to Vue3, focusing on the front-end. The first week kicked off with learning some fundamentals:

Version control – Git

I’ve previously used Git across my university projects, and this was a great opportunity for me to build upon and fill in the gaps of my existing knowledge. I was able to further understand Git internals as well as less familiar operations such as re-basing. In addition, it was especially interesting to learn about Git-Flow, a development workflow in contrast to the workflow I’ve been using – GitHub-Flow. In short, Git-Flow makes use of a development branch in addition to the master branch to track latest development changes while master now just holds the production releases. This workflow appears cleaner and more organised to me, at some cost of complexity, I will definitely be experimenting with this workflow in my future work.

Project-specific technologies – Vue.js, Vuex, Vuetify, VueRouter, PouchDB

A good half of the week has been spent on learning these relevant technologies to help me understand the existing code-base. I still have some way to go, and I look forward to getting more hands-on practice with these technologies.

Implementing a webpage – HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Along the week, I was given an impromptu task to implement a webpage based on provided client specification – it’s my first time doing this professionally. Through this process, I was able to refresh and exercise my rusty knowledge of HTML and CSS, alongside learning Bootstrap – a framework which simplified the process especially when building the webpage’s responsive aspects.

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