Category: Enlightenment

Pieces trying to find some educational value to others.

Slow IPv6 Routes

We’re trying to increase IPv6 adoption by migrating things. However, slow IPv6 routes don’t help. We tested things using Vultr’s network as they had servers is 15 countries. These are an abbreviated sample of...

Death of the General Purpose CPU

General purpose CPUs are dead. Long live the general purpose CPU. I think that this is what’s happening in the world today – we are witnessing a shift in computing paradigms. The most obvious...

DIY Microprocessor Design

I was invited to speak at the Exceptional Hard and Soft Meeting 2012, a conference filled with people at the frontier of engineering and technology.

Introduction to Open Source Hardware

This is a short introductory talk on Open Source Hardware given to a mixed crowd of both software and business types at a local FireStarter event organised by Hailer Communications.