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Happy Holidays!

I guess that the world did not end. So, we’ve got a new year to look forward to! In which case, happy holidays, everyone! We’ll be back next year.

Exciting New Product 0

Exciting New Product

We’re currently working on a new product, estimated for a soft-launch in Q3 of 2012. The idea of the product itself has gotten me rather excited as it has a clear and present advantage....


Happy Year of the Dragon

Another new year and another holiday. We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays. May the year of the dragon bring happiness and prosperity to all! 恭喜發財 PS: Our offices...

AEMB on Altera with uC/OS-II in China 0

AEMB on Altera with uC/OS-II in China

Seems like there are three important pieces of news to report: that the AEMB has made in-roads into China; that the AEMB has been implemented on Altera hardware; and that the AEMB is capable...

Next-Gen AEMB Update 0

Next-Gen AEMB Update

Several months have passed since development on the next generation AEMB core started. During this time, there has been some experimentation on features and architecture, as well as design considerations made, to improve the...

Next Generation AEMB Development 0

Next Generation AEMB Development

A new AEMB core is in the works. It will feature a radical departure from the present compatible architecture, while maintaining software compatibility. It has twice the clock rate of the present core and...

AEMB 7.11 Released 0

AEMB 7.11 Released

This release marks a major mile-stone in the AEMB project. It is 99.9% EDK3.2 software compatible with the addition of get/put, barrel-shift and multiply instructions. It has stable interrupt support for working with external...