Switch to BearSSL

Continue with last week problem of PUT request failure after implementing SSL, I look through every line of the code again and again and search through every keyword I could think of on the web but did not find much useful information. Read more…

By Lucas, ago


For this week, I spent time trying to integrate my project, P3, with a sister project, i.e S3. The relationship between them is that P3 is a project dashboard manager, allowing users to create, read, update and delete their projects Read more…

By Gabriel Tan, ago

Lesson Learned

This weekend is the second event of strings competition held in Johor Bahru.  For Johor Bahru strings competition, the number of performances is bigger than the previous week in Penang. Thus, Johor Bahru will be the proof of whether how Read more…

By Nadia Anuar, ago