This week was spent finalizing the react admin work from last week and making minor changes to the main application.

For the forward linking between resources in react admin I had gone off on a journey of creating a whole new workflow based on systemically typed new components with custom functions that would allow me to reference one document to another. After consultation with Dr. Shawn I was told that this approach is not only difficult but also unnecessary as the same can be accomplished by using the builtin react admin components to link to a filtered list instead of linking to the edit view directly. I took his advice and set about creating links for filtered lists instead and was able to do so fairly easily by using react router.

Afterwards, I went back to the App and did some code reorganization. The Vuex store had gotten quite big so I divided it up by creating separate Javascript files for each of the 4 properties in the store object. These files could then be imported into the index entry point of the store as an es6 module.

I also went through some articles on how authentication is generally implemented in Vue and almost everywhere developers had been using router guards for all authentication related concerns so I decided to implement their usage in my code as well. I used Vue Routers’ beforeEach navigation guard to execute a small security check whenever entering a page for assurance that no user is allowed to access a page that they are not authorized for.

There were also minor cosmetic changes made like Adding the company logo to the Splash screen and setting the Nav bar list to be fixed instead of absolute so the user wouldn’t have to scroll to access the list items.

Towards the end of the week I was added to a new repository for the next project I’ll be working on and I am excited to dive into a new project after so long.


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