The fourth week saw me working on the ServerApplication from the Poco library. This system I am working on is a background process that will monitor and wait for the appropriate changes before actions are taken.

First, I worked on pulling changes corresponding to events while ignoring other types of changes, then checking the event’s status. If its status reads stop, I pull all the performance documents corresponding to the stopped event. For each performance, I then grab all the corresponding marks and compute an average score.

Now I shall disclose what I have done in more detail. For pulling only the relevant performance documents, I used a POST request along with the request object selector to ensure that I am only getting performance documents, and also that they are actually associated with the recently stopped event. Next I use the request object fields to get the input of the performance IDs. I then iterate through the performance IDs, so that with each ID, I am pulling all the marks associated with that performance and then averaging them. This way, I amass the final results of every performance.


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