I’ve finally implemented the base functionalities of the project, and tested that everything works as expected. The only thing that I have left hanging in the dark is finding out how to get the automatic installation of client certificates into browser working. Nevertheless, the application is almost ready to be deployed soon, even if we have to resort to having the users do manual installation of their certificate in the worst case scenario, once further testing and final checks have taken place.

I’ll keep this blog short and sweet, as that’s pretty much all I have to say for this week and the holidays are upon us. Which means you will see my next blog post at the start of a new year, since I’ll be travelling 😃. Looks like the start of next year is gonna be exciting, as we get ready to launch our product. Also, it is already a year since I’ve been working in AESTE. I have learn much throughout my whole experience working here, and I’m just grateful to have this opportunity to continue working with Dr Shawn. Once again, I will like to wish everyone in AESTE and to any of our blog readers out there a happy holiday! 🎄


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