I have finally completed my internship here in AESTE. I have learned so much here, not just about programming but also learning skills, discipline and time management. For my last week I have finish the basic documentation of my code. The project I have been working on for three months is finally documented.

Documenting the application:

There are many kinds of method to document code on the web, but we need to select the correct method of documenting it. In this application, there are three major things to be documented in the documentation,

  1. The Architecture of this application
  2. The User flow plan (user experience)
  3. The Administrator flow plan (Administrator experience)

To document the architecture of the application, Dr Shawn have suggested the sequence diagram to present the application. It makes things easier for the reader to understand the design of the application. I have done three sequence diagram that shows the renew process, create process and revoke process. Besides using sequence diagram, I also implemented flow chart diagram to aid the reader in understanding the flow of a certain application.

For the User flow plan and Administrator flow plan, I used screen-shot to let reader to get the picture while using the application. This also include a series of screen-shot for create process,renew process and revoke process.

I hope that this application will be deployed one day.



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