During the seventh week, I made some modifications to the program for generating the PDF and spreadsheet for the competition results, such as including more data per page and adding date to the PDF.

Next I tried finding a suitable library for producing some charts that can reveal useful information to the candidate. For example, these charts could show how well the candidate did in relation not only within the same region, but also in relation to different regions. I would use the spreadsheet I generated earlier to produce the data sets for the charts.

In terms of chart content, Dr Shawn has suggested that the charts show which quartile a candidate is in as well as the percentile they are in. Since the exact mark is not revealed to the candidate and they will only know the award they received (gold/silver/bronze for example), showing them their quartile and percentile will inform them how good their award actually is compared with other recipients of the same award.

Another information I can produce is judge accuracy, which is determined by the correct predictions made divided by total number of predictions by a judge. A correct prediction means the judge gave a score that would bear the same award as the actual result.


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