This 5th week of my internship went a little slow and underwhelming. Hurdles and retractions delayed progress and what should have been easily fixable edits ended up taking substantial amounts of my time every single day.

The previous week I had covered some distance with regards to my project but that came along with simplifications and hard-coding on my part which I believed could be resolved easily and quickly later on that proved sadly to be more time consuming than I had initially thought.

A major part of this week was spent just fixing up bugs and correcting for abnormal behavior. I had to go through several documentations to read up more about the options available for each component I was employing to fully utilize their capabilities and overcome the obstacles I had laid down on my own path.

Going through documentation, and fully understanding the why when and how to use it, is perhaps the most important part of this job and I am only now beginning to fully understand how to use it properly.

Dr. Shawn also set up an online server for me to test out my program with and thankfully it worked as expected. Instead of hard coding the password as I was previously doing I am now using a SHA-1 algorithm to generate a unique password for the given inputs provided by the user to provide authentication to access the Database.

The discovery of Git flow and proper repository structuring was also debriefed to me by Dr. Shawn and I shall try to incorporate these tools in my working from now on more fervently.

The week has concluded with the brushing up of the code so far and finalizing the UI for the first category of clients. I hope this next week can be more productive and I can pick up the pace from where I last left.


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