At the start of the internship, I studied Git more in-depth. I appreciate that it will be a valuable tool later on for my projects, such as providing a means of version control. I was given clear briefing about my projects early on by Dr Shawn.

My project involves a competition where participants are judged by some judges, and the final award given by a head judge. Thus I am tasked to implement a system whereby I try to reduce judges’ bias by taking the cumulative result of the judges while eliminating the outliers (that are those judges that tend to score too highly or too low), and then presenting that more truthful result to the head judge so he/she can make a fairer choice for the participant’s sake.

The other project involves generating some useful graphs for the participants of this competition. These graphs could show how well they did relative to others in the regional/national demographic.

My next step from here involved reading up on CouchDB because that’s the database that the marking system will be using.

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