I spent most of the time this week deploying two of our projects, P3 and S3. I started off with P3 first, since it was one of the previous projects where I contributed to its development. But while testing out the deployment, some bugs were already discovered. This is bad, since I am short of time. Regardless, I made the most out of my time left trying to fix the more severe ones. Dr Shawn also gave me some suggestions on how to fix them. He really wants to finally demonstrate the product he has been developing to the public, even if its not entirely complete yet, it should be enough to show the idea.

I managed to fix those severe ones in time. Looking back at how I developed the application, I really wished I had did things differently. One of the things I could have done was to keep things as simple as possible, as I felt I had unnecessarily complicate some parts of the application. Anyhow, the milk has already spilled, so I just have to learn from this experience and move on.

After that, I deployed S3 and test out the integration with the deployed P3. Apparently, some bugs were discovered for S3 as well, but it wasn’t my main project, so I didn’t have to concern myself with it.

Anyways, this week is actually my last week at AESTE, which was why I mentioned that I was short of time. I’m really grateful to be able to work here as a part timer, even after finishing my internship here. I learned a great deal from Dr Shawn about how to be an engineer and will carry these experiences to my new workplace and the future ones to come. I wish all the best to Dr Shawn and the future interns that will be working here. This will be the last words you see from me. Farewell.


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