Not much to be said for this week. However, as I have mentioned in my previous blog post, I have decided to just use RSA key pairs when generating client certificates. I was finally able to move on to other important stuff, such as setting up the Woocommerce web store. At least it wasn’t such a headache for this part, as I have already set up products in the Bitnami WordPress VM which I was testing with before. Now is just setting up similar products in the actual store, making sure it has all the necessary attributes and add-ons attached to each of them.

Of course, after finished setting them up, I just test for one more time to see if the flow is working with the actual store as well. Fortunately, it works as expected so far. I used the spare time I have left for the week to do a little bit of clean up on the project as a whole too. So yeah, that’s it for this week. After a little more testing to ensure everything is working as expected, I should be done with the project.

This is week is also the last week for two of my colleagues, Jun Wen and Marcos. They have reached the end of their internship. Interns come and go at this place, but my experience with them, as with the other interns I’ve been with in the past, will not be forgotten. Best of luck to both of them.


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