This week, I have been working mainly on the simulator. Things just don’t work when they are combined 😂 😂 , especially when it is a combination of 3 persons code. It is a critical issue that the simulator is not working. Mainly because I did not understand what had been done by them previously.

I was struggling with the simulation bug, because I just can’t simply change the code because there are parts which is not my work. It was a great relief that I got to meet my colleague. We discuss about the code flow, which gave me the idea of what’s going wrong in our code, since it is a mixture of 3 persons code. At that moment, I really thinks that the code is a huge mess! And this is the time where a proper restructuring of code should be done for the simulation part.

Despite I had fixed the simulator, I found that there are really something that I could not change, and it comes to a problem. For example, the simulator could only be running properly when there is a module present in the code, due to some function that had been running on certain instructions such as load and store.

Multiple doJavaScript functions

One weird thing that I found from the code was, Wt doJavaScript function could not be run twice on the same function. This would result in the first doJavaScript function to be executed only, while the second doJavaScript function will execute on the next event handling process.

One of the possible solution for it, is to use one doJavaScript function instead of one, and the code will work perfectly.

Kill process for IMP

I have also implemented the kill process for the rest of the synthesis process. The implementation is similar to the previous kill process implementation.

Start of Breaking Code

Some testing had been done for my colleague’s code, and it just does not work. I guess this is a common problem when it comes to testing of code, where there is some missing files that causes the code not to work as intended. And here comes the fun of using Git, where you create issues and close them to track the progress.


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