Continued from last week, I finally manage to automate the bitstream generation. Good news that I have also fixed the problem that causes the hanging of the web application. The hanging is mainly caused by the usage of Wt::WApplication::instance()->deferRendering, because freezes the user interface.

The doJavaScript() Problem

What surprised me this week was the usage of doJavaScript() in Wt. Apparently, after removing the Wt::WApplication::instance()->deferRendering, it does not work well, unless the widgets are clicked on. As I refer from the documentation, it seems like the application is not running normal event handling after removing the renderings, as if all events had been handled.

I was planning to use a timer using WTimer or Javascript, to count whether the user made any changes in editor after XST. After struggling on debugging, I decided not to use doJavaScript, or any timer mechanism for it. Things could be simplified by using a simple synthesis track, where the next synthesis process can be carried out directly based on the current synthesis progress.

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