Hello everyone, I have agreed to work part-time for Dr. Shawn, together with Alex and Peter. My work will include completing the front end of the previous project which I had contributed on during my last internship.


The first task I will try to accomplish is creating a user session, which will handle the transactions between the user and server. Example of transactions would include registering the user and saving/updating the user projects and boards. For the purpose, Wt::Dbo library would be used to build the database. The good thing is that Wt provides a comprehensive tutorial on Wt::Dbo library, from creating the database and tables to editing the records. The sqlite3 module is chosen to drive the database transactions.

Being new to database systems in applications, I took some time learning the basics so that I understand what’s going on. I found this video to be particularly useful and compact. The link is here if you’re interested.

To construct the user session, I would have to rely on the “blog” example distributed by Wt. It’s a very comprehensive example and I hope to integrate parts of the user session models in my project by next week.


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