This is my last week interning at AESTE, what I have done were doing the final checking and making some modifications during the first three days of the week. I had to change the drivers into class templates whereas my colleague, Mostafa tested the ARC4 and ECDSA drivers on the hardware to check if they are working properly. Maybe the programs that I have written are not robust yet, but they are functionally working correctly now. So, at least I know that I have done SOMETHING during these 8 weeks at AESTE. Subsequently, I started to learn how to write special type of comments in the files that I have created for the five drivers (GPIO, MSPI, SHA1, ARC4 and ECDSA) in order to generate doxygen files. Doxygen is really a convenient and useful tool for documentations. I have seen these type of documentations when I was learning C++  during my first year in the university, but I have never imagined myself to be able to do this now! It’s really awesome!

I have officially finished my 8 weeks internship at AESTE! This is a day that I once wished that it could arrive as soon as possible, but when it finally arrived, I don’t feel like what I thought I would feel. In fact, I am happy, not simply because I finally finished my internship, but because I have made the right choice to intern here as I know that I had a very meaningful and fruitful summer this year! I am really grateful that I was given the opportunity to intern here although I knew that I did badly in my interview and I really appreciated what I have learned from the other interns, especially how to use Git! I believe what I have learnt here will somehow come into use in the future. Finally, I would like to thank my supervisor again for everything that he has taught me during my internship. Seriously, I have learnt a lot!

Good bye, everyone! Hope to see you guys again in future!


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