I continued writing the ECDSA driver this week and managed to complete it, including testing it on the simulator. My understanding of the concept of the functionalities of the ECDSA driver was obscure earlier and my colleague who worked on this has already left AESTE when I started implementing this driver. As a result, I had to send him emails in order to clearly understand how to write this driver. I am really grateful that he’s nice enough to answer all my doubt although he’s currently having holidays in Vietnam or Thailand. Thank you so much, Radek.

Apart from working on the ECDSA driver, I also tested if the other drivers (MSPI, SHA1 and ARC4) that I wrote earlier were working correctly or not. During the checking process, I had to keep thinking if my codes will be able to work well in every possible condition but I always found some minor mistakes in the program. Due to my insufficient of knowledge and experience, I had to spend a lot of time on testing and debugging my codes. Maybe this is what most of the young programmers have to undergo before they could master programming as I always heard that “Doing is the BEST way of learning programming”. Anyhow, I believe that this internship, at some point, has  enabled me to improve my programming skills and I will never regret of having my internship at AESTE this summer.

Next week will be my last week at AESTE, can’t believe that I have already spent seven weeks in this company. This is not only a place where I could learn a lot, but also a place where I could meet passionate and ambitious young adults. I enjoy working and learning together with all of them and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

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