This week was really a busy week and it passed so fast that I didn’t even realize that today is Friday again! I have spent a lot of my time fixing the bugs in the SHA1 driver when it was tested on the Simulator. Later, I started to test the GPIO driver that I have done during Week 2. It was a fairly simple driver which does simple reading and writing. Only few modifications were required for the gpio driver and it didn’t take me that long to complete this task. Apart from testing the drivers that I have previously implemented, I also tried to finish my RC4 driver. When writing the program, I have made a mistake by mixing the getRC4() and setRC4() functions together, which, obviously, wasn’t a good way to structure a program and I was corrected by my supervisor by writing another function which calls the setRC4() and getRC4() functions. Will be testing this driver on the simulator next week, after I complete coding my following task, which was to implement is ECDSA driver, also the last driver that I am going to write during my internship at Aeste. This driver was not simple as I thought it would be, in fact, it is quite complicated. The basic functionality of this driver is first configure the device by writing a 0/1 to its control register, then start writing to the data register with 5/8 parameters, according to the value that was written to the control register earlier. Also, the driver has to write each parameter in 163 bits and lastly, read a parameter (also in 163 bits) from the device. I am still thinking how to implement my program so that it could work as it’s supposed to. Two more weeks to go for my internship, really hope I will be able to complete all my work before I finish.



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