As I have mentioned in the previous post, this and the coming posts would describe ASH1 architecture and special features.

Below is the block diagram of ASH1.

ASH1 Block Diagram


It consists of a data stack, a control unit, a program counter, an arithmetic/ logic unit (ALU), a cyclic redundancy checksum (CRC) unit, an input port, two output ports, a wishbone interface unit, a register file, two FIFO buffers, and three flag registers. These components are interconnected among each other via two buses; data bus (dbus) and address bus (abus).

ASH1 instructions are 14-bit wide with one cycle per instruction (except for one type of CRC instruction), while its operands are 8-bit wide. The wishbone bus along with a set of interrupt signals enable ASH1 to communicate with upper controllers (e.g. Master CPU).

The instruction set is made up of 17 instructions optimized for I/O operations in terms of packet fields building and signaling.

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