I had officially completed my internship life in AESTE. Finishing my internship makes me wonders about my future. This feeling was never so intense. I never worried about my future so much before, when I was in my university.

My supervisor told me that engineering is all about efficiency. He showed how naively I had implemented my code, without considering much about readability and capable for other people to handle in the future. These are really inspiring. These does not only enhance my technical knowledge, but widens my perspective in dealing with everything in life in the future.

For quite a few years, I had been striving my small steps towards kindness, beauty and truth. The original quote came from Einstein, which is also one of my favorite:

The ideals that have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth.

Although I am not yet and qualified scientist, but I think that this statement accurately summarizes all scientific endeavor. I used this statement as my encouragement to go on whenever I have faced obstacle in life. Kindness, beauty and truth have been my destination in my engineering pursuit.

So, how does AESTE got to do with kindness, beauty and truth? Well, it is self evident that we strive for beauty in every work we do in AESTE. Truth manifested in the fact that AESTE requires its employee to do their work with evidence along their progress. Kindness is carried in every products of AESTE in hope that it will benefit the community.

For all my university life, I was living in an illusion that I am good or capable of at least doing something. Being in AESTE wakes me up to the brutal fact that I am not even close to being a beginner. AESTE had makes me realized that there is a need for me to make extra effort. There is a need for me to do more. There is a need for me to step out of my own illusion.

I have started my journey for Kindness, Beauty and Truth with nothing. If I had used the wrong approach when I was in my university, I am willing to start to learn all over again. If I can only learn from repetitions, like many other Chinese school students, I will do it no matter how I dislike this method. Because, I will not allow myself to be living in illusion ever again.

Illusion is not the reality, it is not the truth.

Wherever my future will bring me, or wherever I will bring my future to, AESTE had definitely played a role in it. I will definitely continue my effort to further improve myself after my AESTE life.

I can never express enough on my gratitude and respect for all the cool people here, working on all the cool stuffs. Thank you for giving me this extraordinary experience.


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