I am currently working on generating the registration slips for the participants of a music competition. After participants complete registration, these slips are sent to them to confirm their registration.

This program starts off with listening to changes in the database. If a change is detected, the id of the changed document is obtained and then passed into a GET request to obtain the document. Then the status of the document is checked. If the status is anything but “completed”, the next lines are skipped and we are back to listening for changes in the database.

If the status reads “completed”, meaning registration is completed for a particular participant, then a GET request is sent to obtain the registration details from this document. This data is passed into the keys and values of a std::map.

Using Wt::Render::WPdfRenderer, the contents of this map are passed into a PDF as well as passed into the request body of a PUT request to the database. New documents are created alongside creating the PDFs so that the data they contain can next be exported into a spreadsheet with a GET request in the export program.


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