This week has been anything but productive. I have barely made any progress to the react-admin system and I keep coming across hurdles due to my lack of knowledge.

At the start of the week I redid the user guide for my main application to provide a more concise instruction manual for our users. The app was officially released to the client on Wednesday morning and I have been told to remain on standby in case any issues arise. In the end we decided to release through a website instead since by doing so we could create hot-fixes for any bugs and have them reflected on the clients end instantly. Doing the same with Electron would not have been possible as we would need the user to uninstall and reinstall the application through a new setup.

After deployment there was one minor hot-fix that was released but so far we haven’t received any negative feedback, so that is definitely a good sign. I was also made aware about some of the shortcomings of the main application and how I would need to work on it furthermore afterwards to refine it into a better product before it can be considered truly finalized.

Afterwards I resumed development for the react-admin system. We were initially considering doing authentication through Session Cookies but after spending a few hours trying to get that to work we decided to discard the idea and stick to basic Authentication instead because of all the extra hassle that would be involved in the former route.

I found a Data Provider for PouchDB that can serve as a skeleton to make edits on top of for our specific use case. Once the Data Provider and Auth Provider have been developed I can begin to work on the Resources themselves.

Progress has slowed down for now but I know I can turn this situation around once I have regained my composure and I hope this coming week I can make up for my lost time for this week.


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