With Electron finally up and Running I was told to get the Cordova App ready as well so I used a Plugin to add Cordova to my Vue project and managed to build an Android App that Emulated successfully.

The Android App performed as expected except one minor problem. The long press custom directive did not seem to work on the Nexus Emulator. After some testing I developed the hypothesis that the reason for the directive not working is because on mobile devices long presses open up an options menu, having the same effect as a right click does on desktop devices, thereby shifting the focus away from the Element being clicked upon by the user. This coming week I plan to test this hypothesis and check for suitable solutions to this problem.

React Admin ended up taking longer than expected. I made a mistake whereby I tried to integrate the traditional PouchDB development setup onto the React Admin system, which Dr. Shawn pointed out to me how doing so would just make the program overly complicated. I was then advised to separate the two, by keeping the Pouchdb side of the code away from the React Admin, to harness the full power of both tools using their strong suits.

This coming week I hope to finish up the React Admin Interface completely and make final adjustments to the Cordova app to ensure it is production ready.


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