I had expected plenty to go wrong on my first week; felt under prepared and built a hundred scenarios of how it might go wrong. However, it was quite the opposite, the place was very warm and welcoming, and I cannot recall a period in which I learned this number of things this fast.

Some of this week was spent getting familiar with the system, and several other tools that were important in the project. Such Git a code management tool, Imglab an image annotation tool, and Tmux a terminal multiplexing tool.

Responsible for a project in machine learning, I started with researching the problem at hand, coming up with possible models to be used, solutions to some problems we noticed, and experimental ideas to test. I prepared several data-sets and code samples for training and testing the models, some of which were run and yielded promising results.

The upcoming week I shall start training and testing the rest of the models and experiment with more image processing techniques.


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