This week was the first in a long while where the work and stress level were relatively on the more manageable side of things.

Finalization was done for the application by making last minute cosmetic changes like adjusting the application icon and changing the application name etc.

Electron was successfully built up and I was able to produce a NSIS Installer for Windows and DMG installer for Mac OS. A caveat of cross platform development was revealed here whereby even for a relatively small application like ours, the final installer ended up quite heavy in storage. This is due to how Electron produces applications by embedding them in a web browser. Native Applications have a major advantage here because their distributive installers are much smaller in size.

We also performed an End-to-End test of the system by getting everyone in the office to carry out the actions for a given role. The test was relatively successful, although we did encounter a few bugs which were almost all resolved swiftly.

I spent the remaining part of the week going through the documentation for React Admin and looking through our previous implementation of it. Developing an Admin system is useful for any sizable application because it allows you to monitor and edit all the documents in the database with relative ease.

I was also tasked with developing an instructions manual for my part of the system and while I did make one, I made it in a report style format rather than a typical numbered instructions user manual format. Thus, I will need to release a more suitable manual by the start of this coming week.


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