This week went somewhat productive with my being able to add additional functionality to the overall app and finishing up the UI for one client base entirely and nearly completely finishing another.

Since this week I mostly had to deal with UI designing I had to extensively go through the Vuetify docs again to see the styling and functionality options available for each component.

The main problem that I encountered while developing this week was with my overall directory structure. I had been using script tags to load all dependencies from the internet and all my development so far was being done in just two files, thereby making my code look verbose and cumbersome.

As per Dr. Shawn’s advice I shall now be employing the standard Vue directory structure from now. I realized that restructuring my code would require me to break apart my components into several smaller pieces for better readability and since Vuex and Vue Router are the official Vue tools built to help with this purpose, I shall be spending this weekend trying to integrate both of these into my code.

For this next week I plan to finish up the restructuring completely along with finishing up the UI for 4/5 of my assigned designs. Meeting this deadline should provide me with sufficient time to test out for any bugs and making the final touch to the design.


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