Approaching the end of this fourth week I can say that the time for relaxation and learning is long gone and that for doing and developing is nigh.

This week was by far the most productive I have had since the start of my internship mainly because I managed to get a small, albeit substantial part, of my project completed. I have designed 1 out of the 5 User Interfaces that are due for submission by mid August and although the overall design still has cleaning up to do, I managed to get the functionality right so that has reinforced some positivity and vigor within me.

I also started working on the App development with Cordova. Upon initiation of the Android Virtual Device I could test out the UI I have designed so far using the Cordova Emulator to see how well my design scales on different devices. Needless to say, the design looked a bit off and tweaking is surely going to be needed before the design can be finalized.

Being a novice programmer I took the ineffective way towards maintaining my code via commenting out chunks of it and repeatedly using undo and redo to fix bugs and test scenarios. Dr. Shawn promptly highlighted the redundancy and inferiority of this method in comparison to doing Version Control with Git and I have thus been trying make a habit of using Git frequently for any and all changes I make and it has certainly made code management far more traceable and easier.

For this coming week I shall be finalizing the designs I have worked on so far along with completing at least one more UI and then integrating them all into one html file for easy building with Cordova later on.


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