For my second week of internship I started off by completing the design of the PouchDB Database Schema and finalizing its documentation. With some supervision and minor tweaks, I was able to finish up this task at the start of the week.

My internship project for these upcoming several weeks revolves around developing an App for one of the projects Aeste has been involved in for the past couple of years. I have been tasked with using the Vue framework for UI development paired with the Vuetify Material component library. I am then to apply PouchDB to cater for internet disconnections and provide smooth synchronization at re connection.

Lastly, I shall be using Apache Cordova and Electron to create cross platform functionality for both Mobile and Desktop Applications as these libraries allow one to use the same languages and UI tools for creating hybrid apps without having to learn anything new.

I spent a major part of the week going through the tools and components of each of these libraries to draw out a plan on how to utilize them optimally for my application and then finally tipping my toes in the water by coding with these tools as a final touch up.

To conclude, having gone through the foundations in this first two weeks it is high time for me to start immersing myself fully into development to ensure the completion of my overall project before the designated deadline. I expect these next few weeks to be a mixture of relief and stress unlike any other I have previously felt, which is both exciting and scary at the same time.


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