I spent almost the whole week on code refactoring. It is a process which takes up quite a lot of time as much thinking is needed to optimize the code for easier maintenance in the future. My progress on refactoring was satisfactory, except for a small part where I am slightly stuck.

In VueJs, v-model is a feature for two way data binding. This means that a variable is binded to an event listener. A change in input will generate an event and thus changes the value of that particular variable. However, when I try to create a component which includes v-model, it doesn’t work. The value of the variable does not change accordingly. Based on the documentation by Vue, in order to incorporate v-model into a component, a prop “value” must be binded using v-bind, followed by implementation of an event emitter “$emit.target.value”. That didn’t work for me as it generated an error of “target.value undefined”. I was slightly confused as I had already passed the “value” prop. I had yet to figure out the solution and will continue working on this the following week.  

During the music competition, there was also a bug on one of the judges’ screen. The performance list did not appear for one particular category. An error appeared when the performance list is rendered. This was quite strange as the other judges which used the same JavaScript files had no similar issues. I’ll try to figure the cause of the problem.  

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