In the previous week, there was a bug on a sorting algorithm for the user interface. As I didn’t have enough time to fix it for the event last week, I carried on fixing it this week. I managed to sort it out in one day and did the necessary testing to ensure it was working. However, one day before the event, when I carried out a final testing, to my horror, different tablets reacted differently to the sorting algorithm. Some tablets performed to its desirable behaviour, while some others had a completely opposite output. My supervisor and I tried to figure out the problem but the tablets were still reacting differently. Thus, I decided to use the correct tablet for the event on the next day. 

On the event day itself, some of the sortings were still messed up, thus giving the user a hard time to navigate. There must be a bug somewhere which was not discovered yet.

It has been a month since I started this internship and I am halfway through! Some of the feedback that I received from my supervisor are: 

  • Not logging enough git commit 
  • Since git is a version control system, git commit should be carried out frequently. Every small step that is taken in the development processes should be committed. This is to ensure our effort in developing a software is not wasted if mistakes are made. We could reverse back to the previous versions easily.
  • Not carrying out unit testing
  • Unit testing is a vital part in software development, making code testing automated as human testing is prone to errors. 

In the second half of my internship, I’ll be focused on making minor enhancements to the system and major refactoring to the code. VueJs is a framework for reactive web application development. The application should be built based on components, a feature of VueJs. This is to ensure the code is maintainable in the future. My main responsibility in the following month will be to refactor the code using components. 

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