Since the music competition where the web application will be put into use is approaching, I am more focused on deployment during this week. At the end of last week, I was done with developing the web application based on the client’s requirements.  

I also set up a virtual machine using virtualbox on my personal laptop. The reason for this is that the current operating system I’m using is Windows, while Linux OS is better suited for development purposes. By installing a virtual machine, I am able to switch between two different operating systems seamlessly, not mixing up my personal and work files. Thus when travelling outstations for the events, I’ll be able to do my work as well.

After deploying the web application on the tablets that will be used on the competition day, again I found another bug. The sorting algorithm for one of the user screen is not performing to its desirable behavior. However, the competition is starting in a few days and I am not confident enough whether I will be able to solve the bug in time. Since it is not a major bug, I decided to let it pass for this coming event and will only make the fixes for the upcoming events. I am unsure whether this is the correct decision but I wouldn’t want to take the risks for further complications.

During the competition day, the flow was rather smooth with no apparent fault on the system. Only the sorting algorithm was causing some confusion on the user interface. I’ll fix that for the coming events!

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