My 12 weeks’ internship at Aeste has finally comes to an end. In this final blog, I would like to share my experiences working as an intern here in Aeste and also introduce a little bit of myself.

I am third year Mechanical Engineering student studying in a local university who has interest in programming. It’s compulsory for me to do an internship during my third year and I had a hard time deciding what should I do. It was then I made up my mind that I wanted to try the programming field. The most significant reason that helped me made up my mind is that I wanted to try the programming field myself to figure out whether I really like programming and is that what I want to do after my study. I am almost done with my degree but my interest seems to shift away from the actual path of becoming a Mechanical Engineer, maybe that’s just not what I want to do for the rest of my life? People always say that it is not necessary for you to work as what you have studied, therefore I took the internship opportunity to try something that I think I want to do – programming.

However, the process was not an easy one because I do not have a strong background in programming. A lot of companies had rejected my application and out of the blue I received an email from Aeste. I was asked to take a test for evaluation purpose and then an video call interview session with Dr Shawn. Things were going smoothly and I accepted the offer from Aeste to work as an intern. That’s was when my journey on finding my true interest began!

In Aeste, I was assigned a client based project and I have learned so much from it, which I had explained in my previous blogs. However that was not the best part of the internship, the best part was that I have the opportunity to work with Dr Shawn and learn from him himself. No doubt, Dr Shawn is a very knowledgeable person and he has a lot of life experiences that he happily shared with us. I have learned a lot from Dr Shawn and all those knowledge and experiences he had shared with us influenced the way I am thinking now. In other words, this internship definitely made me a better person. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to do your internship here in Aeste, make use of the time you have with Dr Shawn, learn as much as you could from him.

As conclusion, I am really glad that I made the decision of doing internship here in Aeste. I have never think of pursuing master study, but I have changed my mind after spending 12 weeks here in Aeste. It was an amazing experience building stuff with lines of code and as for right now, I think that’s what I want to do. Therefore, I am applying for graduate study in the computer science field and hopefully I could get it. Dream is, I could use both my knowledge in Engineering and programming to build something that will make this world a better place. Dream remains dream if no steps are taken. I know I still have a long journey to take before I am able to do what I want to do, but maybe accepting the offer from Aeste is the first step toward my destination? That’a all from me, let’s strive for what WE WANT!

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