Since my system is already been tested for two strings competition event in Penang and Johor Bahru and it turned out to be okay I mean my system can work I think for now I should focus more on fixing the bugs and restructuring my source code so that it is easier for other people to look up at it. I’m pretty sure my source code is in a mess right now. Hee

I wrote down all the bugs that I need to fix before the next event in 2 weeks time. I have to make sure that my system can work more efficiently than it was because the next event will be for strings and piano competition as well. I received many complaints about the slider from the judges, they said my slider is hard to slide and they can’t see the score as they slide the slider which makes them a bit frustrated when using my system. Well, I need to do something with that slider.

As I wanted to solve the slider problem, Vuetify has updated the new library for most of the UI component including the slider. I’m super lucky because it makes my work becomes easier. Thanks Vuetify ,you just updated the new library at the right time and when I need it the most. Hehe. The score at the slider now can always be displayed as the slider moves and the size of the thumb in the slider can be controlled.

The major problem in my system is the comparative scoring, I still can’t find the solution to this problem. The comparative score still not displayed even when I’m using Jia Jen’s system which I found it doesn’t make sense at all.  It’s okay I’m going to fix it no matter what.

Since I’m the person who is responsible for tracking orders and emails for Euroasia, Dr.Shawn wants me to learn how to extract the database from CRS and fixing the TIME ERRORS problem when the participants didn’t receive any email after payment and many more. I need to learn all of this from Gabriel so that I don’t have to rely on Gabriel after this, let him focus on his big project.


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