This weekend is the second event of strings competition held in Johor Bahru.  For Johor Bahru strings competition, the number of performances is bigger than the previous week in Penang. Thus, Johor Bahru will be the proof of whether how good and efficient my system because it includes the big number of data.

The major problem with my system that I realized in Penang is auto refresh. Auto refresh is very important for all screens (attendance, emcee, judging and head judge) because it will automatically sync with each other and updated screens with the latest data. As a web developer, my job is to make my system is friendly to use and not making it difficult to use. On Tuesday, Dr.Shawn taught me how to make auto refresh works. First of all, check the timer in the screen and if it is undefined, set it to 5 seconds and this method is implemented for all screens as well. I also make sure that the manual refresh is working too.

if(this.timer == “”) this.timer = setInterval(this._refresh, 5000);

Next up, case and colour consistency. I decided to use uppercase for the player name and piece name for all screens. Since I’m using lodash library for uppercase, there will be few disadvantages such as it will remove any separator and reduce the information in the database. For colour consistency, for all unprized player, the medal is black so thus the progress circular showing scores.

Dr.Shawn told me that for enhancement of the slider, maybe we can use text field component in vuetify which means judges can manually add the score or use the ascending and descending button provided at the left and right side of the slider. Unfortunately, I can’t complete the slider this week but this is the rough idea to make the slider is more efficient and friendly-user. Validation is a must in order to make sure that the submission scores to the database have no issues.

During the competition, there were few anxious times that I feel that my heart is going to explode lol. First, the emcee accidentally hit stop event button when the event is just to start. I restart back the event using Jia Jen’s admin interface. Next, Dr.Shawn told me that my skip function doesn’t work since skipping a playing performance doesn’t reschedule it.  There were two times that the judges can’t submit the score but at that time I just refresh the page for them then only the score can be submitted. Dr.Shawn told me that this is a bug that I should take note and it’s a prove that my code is not written well, something happened at the back that refused the submission of the score. Last but not least, the finalize button award. I made a silly mistake which I programmed the finalize award button will be displayed only when the event is running (event state =1). Silly me.  The problem happened when the emcee stops the event and the event state changed to 2, the finalize award button doesn’t display on the head judge screen and how to finalize award if it doesn’t show (silly me).  Learned lesson!! There are a lot of things to do to improve my system before the next event at the end of July. I hope I can make it 🙂 What a wonderful weekend I had in Johor Bahru. Love it to the bits.

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