I started this week trying to learn how to set up the network, router and everything needed for the competition from Marcus. He taught me how to restart and edit the proxy, IP address, network connection and problems that I might have when handling the laptop. The laptop is used as a server during the competition. Marcus and I did multiple testing for my system to see if there are any bugs so that we can fix before the competition.

I found out that my head judge screen doesn’t display the comparative score and when I looked at my database it showed -1 for the first performance player. I told Dr.Shawn about my problem he said because of my score submission function on the judging screen. Database for the comparative score cannot be -1 because -1 is the default value and when the database received this value, it will automatically crash. He asked me to fix this before the competition and also there will be no comparative card display for the first performance and -2 is a value used for the first performance. There is some modification for the database made by the other side, so I have to check it again to make sure my database tally with them. 

I tried to modify the spreadsheet by myself and tried to import the TSV file into my system but it returned me 400 bad requests.  I asked Marcus and Gabriel to import it but the result is the same, BAD REQUESTS. This is because there is one player that manually added to the CRS, I asked Gabriel to check it whether this player exists in the database. At first, the database doesn’t have this player name, but when Gabriel tried to generate the new spreadsheet for the second time, the player exists! I think it’s magic but I’m sure that there is nothing magic in programming haha, Dr.Shawn always remind me that. IProbably, I missed out something when I tried to modify it by myself. I had modified the new spreadsheet such as piece name and number of judges as Euroasia team requested and imported the TSV file to my system. BOOMMMM 201 CREATED, definitely at my happiest state lol.

Competition Day

I don’t know what happened to me that day but it seemed luck is not by my side. Haha. Murphy’s Law just landed on me. Everything will go wrong, will go wrong. I accidentally left the client’s tablet in the hotel room. Stupid me. I never left things because I’m kind of person that brings anything with me. That’s why my bag is always full of things. LOL. The tablets can’t connect the server while I’m sure it works the night before the competition and I can’t fix my bugs even though it’s so simple. Yeap, welcome to hell Nadia ;( like why on the day of the competition these things happened urghh I’m pretty sure I cursed a lot that day hahaha. Mummy will not be going to like this.

I told Dr.Shawn I don’t want to use my system because I can’t fix the bugs and use Jia Jen’s system instead. He scolded me and kept asking me why I’m not telling him that I can’t do it. Actually, it’s not like I don’t want to tell him, I had given him so many troubles and I don’t want to add more headaches to him but then I realized not telling him makes him more headaches. He fixed my bugs in 5 minutes because he is Dr. Shawn. After my bugs fixed, I taught the judges, attendance taker, and emcee how to you use my apps on their tablet screen.


Dr.Shawn told me the first round of the competition is a good place to test my system because there are only few performances. He said I still can handle it if anything goes wrong. If my system can work then it’s good at least I know my system is working. This is the first time I watched strings competition and what I can say is “IT WAS WONDERFUL”. Thank you Dr.Shawn for giving me a chance! Definitely, feeling grateful at the moment. My system can work but not that well but still okay. There are few bugs that I need to fix before the next competition round next week. Dr. Shawn already created issues for me in GIT so that I can fix it.

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