Hello, Week 21! I can’t believe that I actually survived 21 weeks in AESTE. I thought I can’t survive after 12 weeks of being here but hello here I am still surviving 🙂 As for this week, I only focus on judging screen since it’s the only screen that is not complete yet (comparative score and getting data of the last performance). I had already make sure that the other screens are completed and can function well.

I had a visitor on Tuesday which is my lecturer, Sir Zaid. He came for the industrial training evaluation as my panel. I had a small talk and discussion with him about 30 minutes. I did explain to him about the current project that I’m working on and he seemed impressed with me since he knew I always wanted to learn programming and he’s the one that recommends me to choose AESTE.  He said I got to step out from my comfort zone because yes, the comfort zone is a beautiful thing but I will never grow there and sometimes feeling uncomfortable is the key to success and it’s where the magic happens. Thank you, Sir Zaid. Oh ya, there is a new intern on the same day, his name is Lucas Tan. Hi Lucas, welcome to AESTE.

For the comparative score, a score is from -1 to 1. -1 indicates not compared which is first performance judged and default value. 0 indicates the current performance is better than last performance judged and 1 indicates worst than last performance judged. I had set the two comparative card as 0 (right & current performance) and 1 (left & last performance). Thus, the judges need to choose one performance that they think better. Submit button will submit score only when the judges score the absolute score (0.0 – 10.0) using the slider and choose which performance was better while for first performance judged only absolute score is needed. The system is genius to know which performance is the first performance judged thanks to JiaJen, I just need to remove the comparative card for first performance judged.The last performance judged is determined from the stamp field of the scores created by a judge for a particular event.

Since the competition will be held in 2 weeks time, I want to experiment myself with the real data. Gabriel has sent me three files for contestants data for me to experiment. As usual, I had a problem to import the tsv file to the localhost because it returns me 400 error which is a bad request. I told Gabriel about this because bad request means there is an error in the tsv file. Gabriel had the same problem when he tried to import the tsv file, he said it is something about the file length. So the only hero that can help us is Dr. Shawn. Dr.Shawn said there is no problem regarding file length it is just the way I downloaded the tsv file. I can’t simply take tsv file that Gabriel gave me and import it to the localhost. I need to upload the tsv file to the google sheets first and downloaded it as a tsv file then only the tsv file can be imported to the localhost. Lessons learned.





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