I don’t know what is going on with me this week. This week seems not a good week for me. I should actually already tested my Vuejs on the server but I still not complete the comparative judging yet. I feel very sad about it. One more thing, I spent a lot of time to do the custom prize for head judge screen which is not important than the comparative judging. Custom prize only is used in the grand finale, oh my god PROJECT AND TIME MANAGEMENT NADIA!!

Dr.Shawn told me that I need to hurry and focus on the important parts only. He also said that my source code is very messy and it doesn’t have proper structure. Sad again part 2 🙁 Talking about the custom prize, I had a problem to send my custom prize to the database. I asked Dr.Shawn about this and he told me that I don’t have proper data storage to store my information because my data are everywhere and not located in one data. My data should be retrieved from one data that stores all the information. It will affect the rest of the program that I made. I managed to submit the custom prize on Thursday.

Next is comparative judging. Comparative judging is the judges need to choose which performance was better, the previous performance or the current performance. At the moment, the comparison is between the latest previous performance and the current performance but Dr.Shawn said he will ask someone I mean the new intern coming soon to change the algorithm so that it will be more efficient rather than comparing the previous and current. Probably he will change it to the comparison between the last two of previous performance and the current performance. I don’t know, we will see later. I told Dr.Shawn that I don’t know how to do it and he scolded me for saying that. This is because I don’t get the view of it I mean I know but I don’t know how to make it done (how to get last performance data, how to make sure if I click comparative card it will send correct data, etc). He explained to me later one by one so that I understand about it. He said the important key in comparative judging is in the GET Score( _start=0 and _end=1) and he also mentioned that I don’t need to retrieve information one by one like the previous intern did because all of my information is already in the browser. Thank you Dr.Shawn for helping me. In programming, the most important thing is we must know the input, process, and output than only we can program things.

I’ll be testing my VueJS on the server next week and I want it to be done before Hari Raya.


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