I can say that this week I’m a bit productive probably because I want my baby screens to be completed before this end of the month. I’ve made a checklist what is left for each screen.

For emcee screen, there will be two different performance list according to the event state. The event state 0 and 1 which are registration and running, the event state 2 which is closed. Performance list of event 0 and 1 includes the action of performance state ( 1- In Queue, 2 – Performing, 3 – Done) that needs to be changed by the emcee during the competition while performance list of event 2 only displays the medal that is given by the head judge for each performer after the event ends. Not to forget skip and cancel performance are two actions that include in the performance list of event state 0 and 1 by using swipe( left and right) method while the rest actions using click method. I just wanted to highlight here that only one performer that can have performance state 2 which is done, next performance have to wait until current performer finishes their performance. I’ve done the both list as requested by Dr.Shawn but  I’m not sorting the performance list correctly for the event state 2. My bad! I should sort the list by using prize in get performance not the normal list because if I used the normal list it will hard and confusing for the emcee to announce the winner at the end of the competition.

For the judging screen, the comparative score is the only thing left. I have to think about another solution to make the v-card can click. Worst case is I probably need to use another UI component to replace the v-card. I will write on my next post about this.

I usually test the screens using chrome but for this week I tested the screens using the Android application itself on the tablet. After tested on its own app I realized that the app doesn’t download the font I mean the app is using its own font instead of following the font that already been programmed. That’s the first issue! Ouh yeah,  the size of the font can be adjusted at setting display of the tablet and  the screens are currently using normal font . For the moment, the font is the only thing that need to be fixed.

Till next post, buh-bye and salam ramadhan 🙂


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