After one month and a half struggling to complete my beloved project using the vuejs framework, it has finally come to an end. I mean it’s not ended yet but I have completed all the major things for my baby (head judge screen, attendance screen, emcee screen and judging screen).  When I looked at my codes, I feel a bit proud of myself and sad(in a happy way) as well. I still remember myself 3 months ago, a girl who is afraid to write even one single of code.  I’m glad that I’m no longer that girl 🙂

Head Judge Screen

A few problems occurred when I’m about to complete the head judge screen. The biggest problem that I need Dr.Shawn’s help was submitting the finalize award to the database. For the head judge screen, the auto-recommend for medals is provided so that it avoids the error of selecting the wrong medal to the performer. Auto-recommend medal is following the threshold of the absolute score but it can be changed manually. This changes only happened in javascript and not changing the database at the moment. It will be send to the database once finalize award is submitted. The problem happened when all the information are sent at once, the network itself can’t handle it because axios is sending all request without waiting for the information to be sent completely one by one.  So, the question is how to make axios sending my request synchronously one by one so that network can handle it and the screen finalize award button can send information to the database. We had found the solution that looks like the axios sending request synchronously.

finalise: function(i) {
if (i < this.items.length) {
p = this.items[i];
if (p != undefined) {
axios.put(‘/performances/’,{prize:p.prize}).then(r => {
} else {
axios.put(‘/events/’,{state:2}).then(r => {
this.dialog1 = false;
this.event.state = 2;

After I have completed the head judge screen, I take a look back on the attendance screen and emcee screen. I’m afraid that i missed out the little little things on the screen such as buttons and confirmation dialog. Next week will be tough week for me since it is testing week! I have to make sure all the screens function well and if there’s a problem i must fixed it.  One month left for the competition and there are many things to be done. Gosh, I’m going to die LOl. Wish me luck please.




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