Submit Score

I had difficulty when I tried to add submit score functionality on the judging screen. I kept getting an error when I tried to submit the score for each performance. The parameters that need to be sent are performance Id, judging Id, absolute, scores and comparative. At first, the system gave me an error because I didn’t put the scores as a parameter.  Secondly, I didn’t put the comparative as the parameter since I’m not doing the comparative part yet but little did I know the system is smart enough to detect if there is first performance or second performance. For the moment, I just put comparative as 1 so that I can submit the score. The comparative parameter is needed if we are submitting a score for the second performance. The error happened when I submitted the first performance score, the problem is the same since the system is smart enough. It can detect it was the first performance and comparative parameter is not needed for the first performance. The problem is solved for a while but I still need to modify the code again later to make sure there is no problem regarding the first or second performance.

Head Judge

In the middle of the week, I already started to make the head judge screen as I want to complete it as soon as I can. For the head judge screen, the information is a little difficult to assemble since I need to integrate the score from each judge and compile the necessary information from the different sources. We decided to use data table list for the moment and we will change it if we have another idea for making it more attractive. Head judge screen act as the live update where the head judge can see the overall score given by the judges at the screen and as for me it helps to monitor the scores for each performance since if there’s a problem I will know where the score is coming from which specific judges. The head judge screen is the important screen in the competition since it shows all the scores given. At the end of the competition, the head judge and judges need to decide the award for each performer based on the scores given. They are the special award, gold award, silver award, and bronze award.Once they finalized the awards, they can’t change it anymore.


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