I still can’t believe it has been 3 months since I stepped at Aeste for the first time. It means I have 3 more months left for my internships to end and 1 month left to complete my project because the music competition will be starting soon. I need to physically and mentally prepared for it.  I know for the next 3 months it will more roller coaster ride for me but I strongly believe I can make it thru it all. Praying that everything will be okay as I expected it to be. Good luck to myself 😛

Since I already completed the attendance screen for the music competition, Dr. Shawn asked me to test it on the tablet provided. The tablet will be used during the competition day for the attendance taker, emcee, judges, and head judge so I need to make sure my code working on the tablet too.  My project now is getting more exciting and I remembered Dr.Shawn told me that I need to always be in the shoes of the user. He said I must always think to make the user easily understand how my apps are working or it can be called user-friendly apps.

There is a issue when I tried to test my apps on the tablet, the screen went blank and there are only a few words on the screen. It shows that something is not running in my code. I asked Dr.Shawn about this issue and we tried to solve it. We found the problem which is the tablet using the old browser and it can’t read and compiled the babel code. Thus, in order for the browser to compile and run the source code babel-polyfill library must be added at the head of the HTML file in the attendance screen. The problem is solved!

Emcee Screen

Basically, emcee screen is 70% same with the attendance screen but there are more actions. There are four actions that can be performed by the emcee which starts the performance, stop the performance, skip the performance and cancel the performance. For start and stop the performance I’m using toggle or click button to trigger the function but to make my apps more interesting, v-touch swipe method is used for skip and cancel the performance.

swipe('L',p), right: () => swipe('R',p)}" >

The four actions all come with dialog box confirmation actions when the user click and swipe it. This is because to avoid the human error that can accidentally make a mistake by clicking and swiping it. Not to forget, the emcee has the power to start the event so I made the function that can make the emcee play the event. I expect to complete the emcee screen by Tuesday and continue with the judging screen next.


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