This is my fourth week internship in AESTE. This week my task is to send a string from PIC32 to desktop. Then, using wolfSSL encrypt function to encrypt the string and type out again to desktop. After type out, using our precreate private key to decrypt and check whether same with the string inside PIC32 or not. Unfortunately, I cannot complete my task before Saturday. When Dr Shawn came on Saturday, he teach me how to use the encryption function in wolfSSL library. There are 2 problems we faced:

  1. Task size of the application [Harmony configuration> Options> Application Configuration> RTOS Configuration> Task Size] must set to bigger number in order initialize the RSA key. The default value of the task size is 1024, which is not enough.  [Solved]
  2. We successfully encrypt and decrypt 1024 RSA key and 2048 RSA key. However, 3072 RSA key and 4096 RSA key having problem to encrypt. There are 2 possible issue that make this problem. First, the version of the wolfSSL is not the latest version (currently using 3.9.0 version). Second, the default value of FP_MAX_BITS is only 4096 which is only can support up to 2048 RSA key. If want to use 4096 RSA key, FP_MAX_BITS has set to 8192. [Try to solve in next week]


Next week I hope I can figure it out the solution to encrypt 4096 RSA key. Wish me luck 😄


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