Attendance Screen

This week I have started writing my code using javascript framework which is VueJs for attendance taker screen.¬† There are six screens that I need to build for this music competition, one of them is attendance taker screen¬†which it is used to take the attendance of the participants. Since I’m Read more…

Board Registration

It is time to move onto the next phase of the project. An important part of the project is the registering of the boards with the application. Basically, a JSON payload would be sent to the server, which contains crucial details such as its serial number, model name, RSA public key, MAC address and more. It is encrypted using the RSA public key of the server. The payload would reach a specific REST API endpoint, that merely does the job of decrypting the payload using the server’s RSA private key, parsing and extracting the data, then subsequently save it to the database.