Last week I had tested the keyboard typing speed by different buffer size and different CPU frequency. After collected the data, I had plotted 2 graph to make a conclusion. PIC32 keyboard typing speed is won’t be affected by changing buffer size or CPU frequency. The typing speed is remain in 2ms per character. The graphs are as shown in below.

After almost 2 weeks to familiar with PIC32MX Starter Kit and Microchip Harmony, the real world is coming which is the actual board designed by Dr Shawn. This week my task is to study the PIC32MZ datasheet, PCB Design and Schematic diagram. After that, try to configure the harmony and upload “HELLO WORLD ” to the microcontroller.

After spent few days to study datasheet and schematic diagram, now I am more familiar with the actual board. The both LED named “RTS” and “CTS” which are located in pin 10 and pin 52. Therefore, at the harmony configuration have to set it as output. Next, the clock configuration is very important as well. For example, the input clock frequency from oscillator is 24MHz. If there is any wrong configuration, ut may burn the board. So, this must be very careful.


This week the progress for me is a little bit slow although only make the blinking LED in the actual board. Next week I hope my progress will be better.


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