I am more focusing on the back-end of the system this week since I have completed the front-end development which is GUI updated to handle multi-piece scoring on Wednesday.

The  Json score object which is absolute score now is in the array and it accepts the multi-piece scoring from the slider. There are several methods for adding new items into an array but for this case, I just use push() method. Make sure that the absolute score needs to be declared in an array first before using any adding element methods.  For more information for adding elements into an array, you can click this link. 

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had an issue regarding the acceptance of back-end of the system towards multi-piece scoring. Thus, I need to update REST API to accept multi-piece scoring that it received from the front-end. For the development of the back-end of the system, POCO C++ libraries are used because it has powerful functionality, ease of use, and consistency.  The source code for the absolute score in back-end needs to be changed since it is an array now.
int xi;
for( auto x : *jsonScore->getArray("absolute")){

After updating the REST API, the absolute score now can be accepted in both front-end and back-end.

Looking forward to the next week, I am optimistic about completing the next issue which is multi-scoring computation. Guess I’m already adapted to my environment now  🙂


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