This blog post marks the end of my first week in Aeste.  In the past week, I’ve learning up Verilog, Git and the Wishbone protocol so that I am able to understand the work on Alya’s project as she has concluded her internship. I spent a couple of days just getting myself familiar with Verilog code, reading examples and how it’s implemented as well as redrawing the logic circuits that correspond to Verilog code. Moreover, I have learnt to use Git to ensure that my code is always backed up and organized so that I can easily pickup where I left off the day before and now wonder if I have missed a step or not.


Towards the later half of the week, I worked on two modules myself, which were the Magic Light Cup and the relay. I’ve succeeded in implementing the Verilog code into the FPGA so that they function as intended.  Looking forward into the next week, I will be attempting to implement the analog sensors such as the Temperature sensor and Light sensor. Then I will begin work on the C/C++ Drivers.


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