Dr. Shawn would always remind me not to be consumed or lost in the programming language while learning Verilog as it describes the schematic in designing chips and must be approached as such. Treating it like a normal programming language will not be the right way to study Verilogs. This week, I had the valuable opportunity of learning step by step lessons from Dr. Shawn.

Firstly, I was exposed on how to read the codes and bringing out the external structure of the chip designed such as its parameters, registers and its input and output. I made a documentation on this as a reference to modify the codes in the future. Then, Dr. Shawn taught me the art of interpreting
the codes to schematics as well as its internal operation. It was very fascinating that the circuit diagram can all be represented just from reading the codes. Categorizing the codes to synchronous and asynchronous part is also a helpful way to perceive its operation. I hope my understanding is
sufficient to let me modify the codes later to improve the design that was made.


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